Warp Prices

Below you will find our warp pricing information

Quad Wing Equus Warp Pricing Structure

My standard 1 warp charge is 18 ped this applies if we are on the same planet.

If we are not on the same planet and I have to warp to you first then the total charge is 21 ped

Multiple warps within the same charter are 10 ped

SoReal's Quad Wing Equus Discounts

If you take regular warps with me I offer some nice discounts which I am open to discuss in game

For example you are a regular trader and need to move unlootable goods between planets regularly then I can help.

Or if you are doing a mission for example mission galactica divine chip mission which requires killing mobs on different planets then I can also help.

VIP Privateer Warp Prices

Standard VIP warp price is 25 ped per warp if the ship is docked at the same planet as you.

If the ship is not docked at the same planet as you then the total price including pickup is 45 ped. A pickup warp like this is commonly called a "double" warp.

Scheduled Warp Prices

Price for this warp is 10 ped and you should tell the ships crew if you require atmosphere or space station at your destination.

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