Space Travel Information.

Never Leave a Man Behind.

A lot can happen in space , most of the time warps will run smoothly and you will be at your destination in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes however either you or I might suffer a time/space discontinuity or another internet / PC related problem.This may mean that when you rejoin Entropia you will find yourself at a spacestation or maybe another random location which was not intended.

If this should ocuur while you are in my care I will endevour to come and get you to complete your trip. If the disconnect or problem was at your side what will probably happen is when you log back in you will find yourself at a space station. I will come and get you in this case but if the problem was at your side then I will expect payment for any associated costs.

Carrying Loot

Carrying loot in space is never a good idea , space pirates exist in space and if one of those attack us and manage to kill us everything that is contained in materials and mined resources tab of your inventory will be lost.Also any boxes in your micellaneous tab holding anything that could otherwise fit in the materials or mined resources tab of your inventory will also be lost.

I offer no guarantees of loot safety if you decide to carry loot while using my service.

If you are carrying loot I expect you to tell me before we leave planet surface so appropriate action can be taken to try and keep you safe.

If you want to transport your loot then you should use ToS Normandie for this purpose.Please read further down this page for more info on ToS Normandie

Trust In Space

Trust in the EU space is very important especially when choosing your pilot or transport providor.

You need to be extremely careful that you are not getting carried by a ship with pirates on it or piloting it.

This is because a pirate operated ship whichever type it is could easily lead you into a lootable situation and you will be powerless to avoid it.

Warp mines and warp gates

Warp Gate

Dotted around in various locations in space there are these large rotating antenna looking things. These are warp gates and during warp all ships will pass through one or more warp gates.

Warp Mine

At these warp gates players (normally pirates) may drop warp mines which can break a ship out of warp, they will then attack and try to destroy the ship and loot any players onboard who are logged in.

The higher your pilots captaincy level the greater the chance is of avoiding a warp mine , it acts like space evade.

It is therefore a good idea to travel with experienced pilots who should also be aware of potential space "problems" through their in game contacts.

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