Warp Schedules

A warp is an essential means to cross the Entropia Universe quickly and with increased safety.

Operating times and scheduled Warp Flight Information


When im not at RL work I am logged into game for approximately 12-15 hours per day and am available if you need a fast warp in my Equus.

Scheduled Warp Flights

Ideal for transporting loot from planet to planet you need look no further than the services below

ToS Normandie which is the strongest ship in the universe and operates warp flights at around 21:00 MA time every night.


KISS who primarily run scheduled warps using The Kronan Mothership starting at 00:30 MA time every night


Look out for relevant messages in the #space_travel channel at the times mentioned above

VIP Warp Services

A VIP warp service can offer you the luxury or a warp to and from your choice of planets at a time of your choosing subject to availability.

KISS VIP Warp Services

For VIP or Equus service contact me in game or use KISS webchat

Tos Normandie

The ToS Normandie owned by John Black Knight is an Aniara-class mothership which currently is the largest class of starships within the Entropia Universe. 'Mandie', as she is called by the crew and its most dedicated Captain Alaina Bonnie Scotia, has been upgraded to be the by far strongest ship in the universe. The ship currently has over 200,000 total Structural Integrity. It is operated with subwarp module I allowing a traveling speed of 46.8 km/h and armament device III for the simultaneous usage of 11 of the 19 active mothership plasma gun turrets. The Normandie is the first and currently only mothership utilizing warp drive IV and V. Since its first day of operation (1st July 2011) the Normandie has been traveling space every single night. This is possible due to a great and motivated crew that loves space and 'Mandie'.

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